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Discerning the Spirit's Call

At Mt Si Lutheran, over 2021, Council and Staff are leading a discernment process. Our mission is to Serve, Reach Out and Grow in Grace. The outcome of the process will be   3-5 specific goals for the mission and ministry this faith community to help us fulfill our stated mission. We believe the Spirit has uniquely gifted this congregation to serve our neighbors and we seek to heed that call. Thank you for your participation! 



Grounding Biblical Story

We are working to discern which Biblical Story grounds the unique mission and ministry of Mt Si Lutheran. Please click HERE to read the congregational letter regarding next steps! 

MEETING DATE: Thurs. March 25th, 7pm via Zoom

MEETING LINK: All-Church Bible Study, 3/25, 7pm


Spiritual Gifts

In this phase of the process we will ask each member to participate in a Spiritual Gifts Assessment and give input into the unique giftedness of our community of faith. 

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Community Conversation

In this phase of the process we will take time to talk with community leaders and determine the needs of our neighbors. We will gather up all the needs we learn about for the next phase of the process.


Determining Goals

This is the phase where we put everything together. We will take our Biblical Story, our gifts and needs o the community and see where they overlap. In doing this we can confidently determine mission and ministry goals for the next several years. This will give us focus and a clear purpose as a community of faith called to serve our neighbors. 

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