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Write a check to "Mt Si Lutheran" and mail to

PO Box 487

North Bend, WA 98045

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WHY GIVE? At Mt. Si Lutheran church, we believe that everything we have is a gift from God and that includes our personal finances. Our congregation and the whole body of Christ are doing amazing work to share the Gospel and bring hope and healing to a broken world. We give with joy to our church community so these ministries can thrive. We do not give because it will make God like us more. God already loves us more than we can imagine! Tithing is a practice mentioned in Scripture that encourages God's people to give 10% or the "first fruits" of their possessions and wealth as an acknowledgement that all we have comes from God. Tithing is a healthy financial practice even today and especially today as we live in a society that is often dominated by the desire to gather more wealth and keep it for ourselves. We understand that 10% can be difficult for some families, so we give thanks for the first fruits they are able to give whether it is 1% or 5%. We encourage people to give as a practice of loving your neighbor and caring for God's creation. Yes, that money also keeps the lights on and our staff here to serve you. That is why we tend so carefully to our building so the whole community can use it and why we employ staff who love Jesus and are equipped to lead this congregation to be disciples of Jesus as best we can. Tithing is not a practice we do "for us" or for our own benefit, we give "for the sake of the world."  
- Pastor Krista Johnson and Congregational Council
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