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God Pause

This daily devotion is created by Luther Seminary with contributions from Pastors and church leaders around the nation.

Our Daily Bread

This ministry has offered daily devotionals for over 75 years. Read on their website, order a hard copy, have it emialed to you or download their free app.

Daily Grace

This daily devotional is created for women by women of the ELCA. Read on their website, have it emailed to you or download their free app. Enjoy!

Daily Bible Readings

Sign-up to receive a daily Bible Reading sent directly to your email. 

Small Catechism

This booklet was written by Martin Luther in 1529 as a way for people to learn about faith and the Bible at home. 

It is a wonderful devotional resource. 

Living Our Baptism

This resource page links to Bible Studies, Spiritual Renewal resources, Spiritual Gifts inventory, 5 marks of discipleship resources and much more!

Enter the Bible

This resource is presented by professors and clergy across the ELCA. This is a great resource for Bible Study leaders and personal Bible Study. So much to explore!

What else?

Do you have resources you love to use? There are many great resources out in the world today - please share what you find with the community! 

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