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Vacation Bible School 2023



Friday, July 28th 6PM - 8PM

Saturday July 29 9AM-3PM (lunch is provided)

Celebration Service on Sunday July 30th 9:30AM

with festivities to follow until 11:30AM


We will be following 4 characters as they explore the true meaning of Christmas.  From the myths based on the historical Magi figures who visited the holy family, we will be introduced to their three steeds, a horse named Farasi, and elephant named Tembo, and a lion named Simba.  These three have created their own story once they decided to become reporters for the news outlet Jews in Exile.  As reporters they will help to shed light onto who Jesus is.  The fourth character is one of Santa’s elves named Popabawa who believes the purpose of Christmas is to celebrate her birthday. 


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If you have any questions, please contact Pastor by email:

or call the church office 425-888-1322.

This event will again be free and open to the whole community.  

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